Hazan as McCartneyAl Hazan Meets the Beatles!

No, the picture to the left isn't Paul McCartney ... if anything, it's MockCartney - a publicity still of Al Hazan from 1962. Giving him a Beatle-esque look, Al admits the photo helped him get work on a T.V. commercial job - in Japan.

But Al has a more direct connection to the Beatles than that; they wanted to meet him!

"Because 'Nutrocker' was a #1 record in England, I was flown over to London to make some appearances - interviews and such. I was considered a 'star' to the people there much more than in the United States.

"Before I had to return to the States, I was asked if I would do an up and coming rock band a favor by joining them at a London restaurant for dinner. The group was The Beatles and I had no idea who they were.

The restaurant was supposed to be the hot new place to go in London and when I arrived we were escorted to a private dining room. I remember the night of talking with Lennon, McCartney, Ringo and Harrison very well, although at the time it meant nothing to me.

"It wasn't long after I returned home that the British Invasion began and that night became a treasured memory for me."