20th Century Songwriter / Producer / Performer

Al Hazan is
B. Bumble

Al Hazan is
Al Anthony

Al Hazan is
Ali Hassan

Al Hazan is
Dudley Duncan

Ritchie Valens sings

Russell Arms asks
"Is There a Heaven?"

A Rivalry with
Glen Campbell

Al and
The Galaxies

Working with
Jack Nitzsche

Images from Al's
Life and Career

Al Hazan
in the Army

Al Hazan
Meets the Beatles

Sonny Bono
Produces Early Songs

Johnny Crawford
sings "Daydreams"

In the Booth
with Phil Spector

Terry Melcher

Making Music with
Fred Astaire

Al's First

Books and Articles
by Al Hazan

Producing the
Beau Brummels

Discography of
Songs and Performances


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